Are Security Systems Worth It?

Although crime rates in 2017 are reported to have been at a record low over previous years, many people look to and trust security alarms to keep their families and properties safe.

Let’s be honest though, security systems are like car insurance; often you pay month after month and year after year, and NOTHING. EVER. HAPPENS. Then one day out of the blue you’re on your way to the grocery store, in a hurry because you’ve left your wallet at home (like you always do), and on top of that management has been holding your groceries until you get back. As you’re furiously driving and almost there WHAM! You hit the guy driving in front of you as he’s yielding.

Yes, this totally happened to me.

After realizing you and the other driver are ok, one of the most comforting thoughts is knowing that you’re covered! All of those car insurance payments have finally worked in your favor. The same is true of security alarms, they monitor your most precious possessions and the lives of your family, yourself and the property you work hard to own.

Still wondering if they are worth it? Well how impressive are security alarms these days? As long as you have a mobile device or tablet, you can control multiple areas of your home, right at your fingerprints! For example, they control the lights, temperature, and even the garage door 24/7. If you’re busy and always on the go this is a great option for your family!

With so many different companies out there how do you choose the best one? My motto? Small and personalized over large and corporate. A Plus Security System was founded in 1996 and they have a great track record of keeping families safe and happy.

If after reading this post you are now in the market for a security system, look no further. A Plus Security System is it!

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Winter Weather Safety Tips!

With the winter weather not showing any signs of let up, discussing a couple of winter safety tips now could prove invaluable as winter shows no signs of let up! 


For starters let’s talk about your attire. Layering is one of the best ways to stay warm and dry.
These layers will aid in keeping you warm by reducing loss of body heat and providing insulation, thereby helping you to stay warm. One thing to keep in mind is staying dry as wet or damp clothing no longer keeps you warm, and will reduce insulation causing your bodies temperature to drop.

Did you know tons of cold-weather related injuries result from falls on ice-covered walkways? Therefore, you want to keep walkways as free of ice as possible and walk carefully along them. Remember to sand or salt such areas as soon as the wintery precipitation falls. 

Your home should be prepared too! What’s one thing we’ve all seen in the winter that can cause major problems? Yep, you guessed it. Trees with branches weighed down by snow or ice causing them to crash to the ground. When falling these branches and limbs have a tendency to fall onto power lines, cars, or houses, being proactive and removing these ahead of time can save you tons of time, money, and stress in the long run. 

Growing up my mom would always leave the cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom open at night. Now, having a place of my own I understand the costly mistake of having pipes burst! So try that oldie but goodie to keep your pipes warm, and remember letting your faucet drip a little at night when temps dip below freezing is another good way to avoid pipes bursting.

Now that we’ve covered just a few winter weather safety tips, you are welcome to make a cup of hot coco, find a good tv series to binge watch and enjoy the beautiful snow! 


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Why Choose A Plus Security Systems?

Simply put, your family is their family. 

A Plus Security Systems has been in the business of  protecting homes and families since 1996. This means choosing the best of the best when it comes to products and service! Need further explanation? Let me break this down for you. Aside from the actual product itself, A Plus Security Systems places a lot of importance on the actual company that monitors the alarm system.
That’s why they use All American Monitoring. All American prides themselves on being professional, reliable, and efficient. They’ve built quite a track record being in business since 1973, and they service upwards of two thousand companies in the United States. Like A Plus they understand the value families place on peace of mind. 
What about A Plus’ product itself? Are you worried that you’re not a “techie” and you won’t be able to navigate how to use an alarm system? Have no fear, all of A Plus’ products are user friendly and easy to navigate. Best thing is they’re up to date with the latest technology. I can be a couch potato at times, so I love the fact that when I grab my snacks, the tv remote control, and my mobile device I’m all set. Yes, you can control multiple areas of the home from your couch, what’s not to love!? 

Last but not least their testimonials are definitely confidence boosters. I’m a review junkie and reading the satisfactory comments of their long time customers is super helpful. All in all as a mom, dad, new home owner or the head of a household, it feels good knowing that your family is safe and that no harm will come to them while you’re away. 
Choosing A Plus Security Systems backed by All American Monitoring is a sure fire way to go. 
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